IPP> What is it we really need?

IPP> What is it we really need?

IPP> What is it we really need?

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Alex, in order to get a better handle on this issue, I'd appreciate some input
you that speaks to the implementation issues here.   I think that Babek makes
compelling arguments in his responses to your note when he says that (my

1) He's rather use CGI and ASAPI tools than low-level sockets programming

2) Basing IPP on HTTP (at least on Microsoft platforms) lets programmers take
advantage of many existing APIs and systems services, e.g. security.

As someone who represents a developer of network dexices, can you illuminate
the rest of us on
the pros and cons of an HTTP based protocol -- from an IMPLEMENTOR'S point of
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> Let's focus on a simple network printing protocol based on
> the IP protocol suite.  Then, let's address the larger domain
> of "Internet Printing"...whatever that may mean.


I am very glad to see you summarizing the current situation like you
did. I certainly feel supported by you and Harald that a straight TCP
client-server model would be a better approach.

One comment I would like to make about people chanting the "Stock HTTP
Server" mantra:

"The Common Gateway Interface, or CGI, is a standard for external
gateway programs to interface with information servers such as HTTP

This is the definition to be found on the NCSA Web pages. And from all
the implementation suggestions, it sure sounds like HTTP is only going
to be used for hand-through to the "external gateway program". Not
much benefit in using the "Stock HTTP Server".

Babak from Microsoft has pretty much made the same point in his mail
from a couple of days ago.

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