IPP> ADM - Minutes from IPP Conference Call 970305

IPP> ADM - Minutes from IPP Conference Call 970305

IPP> ADM - Minutes from IPP Conference Call 970305

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Mar 11 16:19:32 EST 1997

Minutes from IPP Conference Call 970305


Bob Herriott - Sun
Carl-Uno Manros - Xerox
Peter Zehler - Xerox
Randy Turner - Sharp
Don Wright - Lexmark
Tom Hastings - Xerox
Jim Walker- Dazel
Scott Isaacson - Novell
Steve Zilles - Adobe
Stan McConnell - Xerox
Ed Travis -
Steve Furell - Adobe


- Review any further proposals for changes to the Requirements document
It turned out that many had not yet taken the time to properly review the
Requirements document.  In particular, the matching between the Model
document and the Requirements document to establish which things should be
marked as "non-Version 1.0" hasd not yet been done.  It was decided to
extend the comment period until Tuesday 3/11 and to review any new comments
in our next conference on Wednesday 3/12.

- Discuss and try to agree on what should go into the Model vs. Protocol

Bob Herriot gave an overview of the MOD group work. Some discussion on this
subject led up to directions for the abstract syntax to be used in the
Model document, e.g. indication about localizable text strings and maximum
lengths for values should be part of the model syntax, but rules for how to
package attributes and how to encode them for sending them over the wire
are protocol dependent. 

- Review latest development in the Security subgroup

Carl-Uno reported that the SEC group had started looking into security
protocols that could be used in combination with HTTP. RFC 2069 offers some
simple functions for client authentication, while mutual authentication and
encryption are only offered by protocols such as Secure Socket Layer,
version 3 (SSL3). The latter requires a whole security infrastructure with
trusted servers for the storage of certificates and requires that the
session starts off within the security protocol before trying to send
anything over HTTP.
Putting passwords in the IPP seems rather pointless from a security

- Decide on kick-off for the Prototyping subgroup and choose a subgroup

Peter Zehler had volonteered as the whip for this subgroup and was chosen
for the task. Peter reported that IBM, Xerox, Novell, Sharp, and Canon had
expressed interest in the subgroup. Peter will send out information to the
IPP DL about a first phone conference for the subgroup.

- Spend any remaining time trying to solve a couple of more issues on the
Model issues list.

Scott Isaacson gave a report about status in the MOD subgroup.  It was
decided not to try to solve further issues in this phone conference. Scott
will produce some more introductory and overview parts to the document,
taking into account comments from Patrick Powell and others about the
readability of the document.  A revised version should be available next week.
Carl-Uno Manros
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