IPP> ADM - IPP Phone Comnference - Minutes from 970319

IPP> ADM - IPP Phone Comnference - Minutes from 970319

IPP> ADM - IPP Phone Comnference - Minutes from 970319

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Mar 19 18:40:17 EST 1997

IPP Phone Conference 970319


Scott Isaacson
Steve Zilles
Patrick Powell
Tom Hastings
Bob Herriot
Jeff Copeland
Carl-Uno Manros
Stan McConnell
Randy Turner
Peter Zehler

MOD subgroup - Scott

Scott's latest version is 1.6. Scott is adding some more text,
on conformance etc. We will try to avoid several level of 
conformance. Important unresolved issues will be inserted in 
the text.

Extensibility differently understood by different people.  
We need written text to discuss. May be too late for this draft.
How are we really using enums?

New contribution from Patrick with rewrite of some of the text, 
in language closer to computer science. Will this make it more
readable? Comments back to the DL. Do we have time to switch 
even if we like it? 

Next phone conference for MOD - Friday at 10-12 am PSC. This is
also dealine for comments.

PRO - Bob Herriot

No new contributions so far. Randy and Steve still working on
their contributions.  Randy and Steve to discuss if one or two docs.
Will be sent in as personal Internet-Drafts.  Bob to contact Asad 
about his ideas about new message types.  No official WG draft. 

Larry Masinter has made a rough draft for a new Internet-Draft on 
form-data. Sent out to the DL. Comments to the DL by Friday.
Larry will send it in to the IETF by Wednesday next week.

DIR - Scott

Please review version 1.1 content and give feedback by Friday.

SEC - Carl-Uno

Security requirements (threats, methods of attack) and 
identification of security services OK.  Solutions still
missing. SSL might be OK, but not yet on IETF standards
track. Other alternatives?  Bob to talk to Asad about
getting Netscape's help to get SSL on the IETF standards 
track. Latest version is ipp-sec-1.02.doc, PDF will be
provided tonight.

Add SSL and S-MIME to IETF agenda to attract right people.

Patrick suggested to forget about GSS, which is too heavyweight.
Other Topics - Carl-Uno

We would like to make our Web site a little more attractive in 
time for Memphis.  We should also clean out most of the old
document references when the new drafts are ready.

Editors should contact secretariat now to get names for their 
documents. No comments will be considered after this Friday!

Final text for the WG Charter is being polished - should be out
any day now!

Next week's phone conference only one hour (as our docs will then
be with the IETF).  Subjects are final Austin agenda and review of
PRO contributions from Steve and Randy.



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