IPP> TES - IPP Test Tools

IPP> TES - IPP Test Tools

IPP> TES - IPP Test Tools

Paul Kwan pkwan at auco.com
Thu Aug 6 14:34:45 EDT 1998

This is probably true. We used WinZip to unzip the file and haven't seen
such a problem. What unzip orogram did you use?...


HPARRA at novell.com on 08/06/98 10:43:02 AM

To:   ipp at pwg.org
cc:    (bcc: Paul Kwan/AUCO/US)
Subject:  Re: IPP> TES - IPP Test Tools

I had some trouble running the Xerox IPP Client Tool on my Win95
workstation, but finally found out what was wrong.  Here's what the matter
was as an FYI.

Unzipping IPPClientV1_0.zip resulted in five new files.  One of them was
IppClien.jar (not IppClient.jar - notice the 't' missing).  IppClient.bat
expects IPPClient.jar to be in the local directory (not IppClien.jar).
Without it, the following error message gets reported:

"Can't find class com/xerox/ipp/client/gb"

Once I modified IppClient.bat to use IppClien.jar, the IPP Client loaded
fine.  It is possible that it was my unzip tool that messed up the name of
my files; I haven't had time to try a different tool to verify this but
seems likely since Lexmark reported no problems running the client.


>>> "Carl-Uno Manros" <carl at manros.com> 08/05 7:54 AM >>>

As indicated yesterday, the IPP tools are today officially released. If you
want to see the release note it can be found at:



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