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I have spent some time with our implementors lately and they came up with a
couple of good questions that I am forwarding to the IPP group:

1) Is is really necessary to keep the "Validate-Job" operation as a MUST to
implement? The "Get-Printer-Attributes" operation seems to provide all the
functionality that is needed.

2) Can you implement the operations "Create-Job", "Send-Document" and
"Send-URI", without the need to support multiple documents? This could be
useful for environments where you have long jobs, but do not need support
for multiple documents.

3) What was the rationale for making the "printer-up-time" attribute a
REQUIIRED attribute, considering that the other 3 attributes
"time-at-creation", "time-at-processing", and "time-at-completed", with
which it is assicociated, are all OPTIONAL?

I plan to include these in the first version of the Implementors's Guide,
but please send comments now if you want.


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