IPP> NLO votes [nlo 4 of 4 - Issue 1.48]

IPP> NLO votes [nlo 4 of 4 - Issue 1.48]

IPP> NLO votes [nlo 4 of 4 - Issue 1.48]

henrik.holst at i-data.com henrik.holst at i-data.com
Mon Nov 9 04:14:43 EST 1998

I think we should remove text/nameWithoutLanguage, cause it's a mess
to have one attribute with two types WithoutLanguage/WithLanguage.


"Hastings, Tom N" <hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com> on 06-11-98 03:16:35

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Subject:  RE: RE: IPP> NLO votes [nlo 4 of 4 - Issue 1.48]


If our tentative agreement on nlo 4 of 4 to keep both text/nameWithLanguage
and text/nameWithoutLanguage, then we still need the
"attributes-natural-language" in the response to tell what the implicit
natural language is for any text/nameWithoutLanguage, correct?

On the other hand, if we reverse ourselves and do decide to remove
text/nameWithoutLanguage, then I agree with you, we can make the
"attributes-natural-language" in a response, just a MAY.  In fact, we could
go even further to make it a SHOULD NOT.  But we don't want to rule it out
altogether, since there be implementations that are always returning


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>> >Carl and others, including Keith Moore, have tried to express
>> >that the NL/NLO
>> >scheme is unduly complex and prone to error. Carl's proposal
>> >represents a
>> >simpler scheme where every text and name attribute would have
>> >an explicit
>> >natural language thereby simplifying the implementation with
>> >fewer attribute
>> >syntax's, and reducing the number of attributes which have
>> >multiple syntax's -
>> >all with NO LOSS of functionality.
>> Exactly.  NLO 4 of 4 proposes exactly that:  Drop
>textWithoutLanguage and
>> nameWithoutLanguage
>> and always use textWithLanguage and nameWIthLanguage in requests and
>> responses.  But 4 of 4 (unlike Carl's proposal) does not change the
>> "attributes-natural-language" Operation attribute in
>requests and keeps it
>> in responses as well for compatibility (though its not used).
>I disagree strongly with keeping the (unused)
>"attributes-natural-language" Operation attribute in
>responses.  If it's not necessary let's apply Occam's Razor
>and get rid of it.  Useless appendages just cause confusion
>for implementors.  For example, what value should be sent?
>How does the client check the received value?
>I'd go along with leaving it in as a MAY, purely for
>historical reasons, with a note to the effect that it's there
>only for compatibility and it is to be ignored.
>    -Carl
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