IPP> Some Instant Messaging resources

IPP> Some Instant Messaging resources

IPP> Some Instant Messaging resources

Richard Shockey rshockey at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 28 22:22:50 EDT 1999

>However, we could certainly send in an I-D on how to use emerging de facto
>standards for IM as a complementary document and elevate it to the same
>level as the other IPP Notification documents once the IM work has matured
>in the IETF.
>How is that as a compromise?

That is really a wonderful idea. The IMPP folks are focused on the IM 
application but its clear to me and many others ... especially in the 
Internet Telephony/SIP crowd that IM has many many more uses than simply 
chat. The lurker quotient on that list is pretty high since, I think, a lot 
of folks do not want to distract the current Goals effort.

It may have a lot of value to simply throw a message over to them 
indicating the strong interest of the Printer community in the proposed 
IMPP protocol for use by IPP for notifications.

This is exactly the kind of cross-fertilization of IETF WG's that too often 
does not happen since existing WG's often put on blinders to other work 

I'd like to help with this if I could... maybe its just a draft message of 
interest...to the IMPP list etc.

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