IPP> printer-uri-supported question

IPP> printer-uri-supported question

IPP> printer-uri-supported question

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at usa.xerox.com
Fri Jul 30 12:36:07 EDT 1999

A couple of questions have come up that I thought I should verify with the
group at large.

1) If the IPP printer has an DNS name should there be at least two values
for the printer-uri-supported attribute? One URL with the fully qualified
DNS name the other with the IP address in the URL.
PZ> The printer may contain one or the other or both.  See below.

2) Must the operational attribute for printer-uri match one of the values in
PZ> A forgiving printer implementation would not reject the operation.  The
printer may not be DNS capable or improperly configured.  The request
obviously reached the printer.  The printer could treat the printer-uri as
the logical equivalent of a value in the printer-uri-supported.  It would be
implementation dependent for which value, and associated security policy,
would apply. 

3) Does this above logic also apply to a job object specified with a
printer-uri and job-id?  Is it also true for a job specified with a job-uri?
PZ> Yes and yes

4) Can a restrictive implementation reject a printer or job operation if the
operational attribute printer-uri is not a value of the
PZ> Yes it could, with an error code of client-error-not-found

5) Must the URL in the printer-uri-supported attribute be absolute(i.e.
fully qualified)?
PZ> Yes.  The printer-supported-uri is transformed by well defined rules to
arrive at the address used in the HTTP layer.

Any comments?
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