IPP> NOT - 'ipp-get' Event Notification Delivery Method (method 3) pos ted

IPP> NOT - 'ipp-get' Event Notification Delivery Method (method 3) pos ted

IPP> NOT - 'ipp-get' Event Notification Delivery Method (method 3) pos ted

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Dec 8 03:54:20 EST 1999

Carl-Uno and I have posted a complete spec (9-pages) for the 'ipp-get' Event
Notification Delivery Method (method 3).  This is one of the "pull" delivery


Here is the Abstract:

The IPP notification specification [ipp-ntfy] is an OPTIONAL extension to
IPP/1.0 and IPP/1.1 that requires the definition of one or more delivery
methods for dispatching event notification reports to Notification
Recipients.  This document describes the semantics and syntax of the
'ipp-get' event notification delivery method.  For this delivery method, the
client uses an explicit IPP Get-Notifications Printer operation in order to
request (pull) event Notifications from the IPP Printer.  The
Get-Notifications request indicates whether the client wants to receive all
future events Notifications for (1) any Subscription for which the client is
the owner or (2) a particular Subscription object.  In either case, the
event Notifications are returned as MIME multi-part-related responses to the
Get-Notifications request.  The HTTP channel is kept open, so that
subsequence event Notifications are returned using additional MIME
multi-part-related responses.
We'd like to introduce this at tomorrow's IPP telecon, 12/8/99, 1-3 EST
(10-12 PST) and review at the upcoming L.A. IPP WG meeting, 12/15-16/99.
Please send comments to the DL as well.

Tom and Carl-Uno

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