[IPP] IPP registrations sent to IANA (23 November 2013)

[IPP] IPP registrations sent to IANA (23 November 2013)

[IPP] IPP registrations sent to IANA (23 November 2013)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 15:07:17 UTC 2013

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Contact Name:
Ira McDonald

Contact Email:
blueroofmusic at gmail.com

Type of Assignment:
Permanent registration updates in IPP Registry

Copy of revised IANA XML registry is at:
in the file ipp-registrations-20131122.xml

- Separated read-only Xxx Description attributes into new Xxx Status groups.
- Added missing 'warnings-count' Document Status attribute.
- Added missing 'job-actuals' keyword for requested-attributes.
- Added missing finishing-template-supported and
stitching-reference-edge-supported definitions
- Added IPP FaxOut service definitions
- Added IPP Transaction-Based Printing Extensions definitions
- Added PWG MSN2 definitions

IANA IPP Registry

Proposed: Mike Sweet (Apple)
Reviewed: By IETF Designated Experts for IPP Registry
Approved: 23 November 2013
By: Ira McDonald (IETF Designated Expert for IPP Registry)

Additional Info:
Various corrections for IPP operations and attributes,
IPP FaxOut, IPP Transaction-Based Printing Exts,
and PWG Media Standardized Names [PWG5101.1]
edited by Mike Sweet (Apple)
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