[IPP] IPP registrations sent to IANA (24 August 2014)

[IPP] IPP registrations sent to IANA (24 August 2014)

[IPP] IPP registrations sent to IANA (24 August 2014)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 14:50:03 UTC 2014


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Contact Name:
Ira McDonald

Contact Email:
blueroofmusic at gmail.com

Type of Assignment:
Permanent registration updates in IPP Registry

Copy of revised IANA XML registry is at:
in the file ipp-registrations-20140822.xml

- Moved READ-ONLY document-format-varying-attributes,
job-settable-attributes-supported, pages-per-minute,
pages-per-minute-color, printer-message-from-operator,
printer-settable-attributes-supported, xri-authentication-supported,
xri-security-supported, and xri-uri-scheme-supported attributes to the
Printer Status group.
- Moved printer-current-time and printer-xri-supported back to Printer
Description group (potentially READ-WRITE according to RFC 3380)
- Added missing PWG 5100.13 printer-config-change-date-time/-time
- Added missing PWG 5100.15 and 5107.3 registrations
- Fixed the registrations of the PWG 5100.9 xxx-recoverable-storage[-error]
keywords (dropped "-error")
- Added Xerox printer-state-reasons xxx-missing keywords for missing
- Added Xerox media keywords for Mopria sizes
- Added HP job-password-encryption keywords for SHA2

IANA IPP Registry

Proposed: Mike Sweet (Apple)
Reviewed: By IETF Designated Experts for IPP Registry
Approved: 24 August 2014
By: Ira McDonald (IETF Designated Expert for IPP Registry)

Additional Info:
Brings IANA IPP Registry up-to-date for recent PWG IPP
specifications and errata
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