MFD> MFD Teleconference 11/15 3pm EST

MFD> MFD Teleconference 11/15 3pm EST

MFD> MFD Teleconference 11/15 3pm EST

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at
Tue Nov 13 08:58:29 EST 2007



We will continue our review from where we left off last week.  It would
be helpful if comments and issues are to be posted on the mfd mail list
before the meeting.  

I believe I have resolved the Live Meeting issue so I will be hosting a
Live Meeting this week.  





PWG calendar: 






1.	Approve previous meeting minutes
2.	Agenda bashing 
3.	Discuss issues and comments on the latest specification 
4.	Discuss next steps 


Document  (Unchanged from last week) :



WSDL/Schema ( Rough form and in transition.  Unchanged from last week.):


Click Here to Join Live Meeting

  Subject: PWG - MFD Working Group
  Meeting URL:
  Meeting ID: PWG_MFD
  Meeting Key: PQ%>Fj5sN
  Role: Attendee


Tele-Con Number:1-866-365-4406

Pass Code: 2635888

(NOTE: Ignore any dial in banner from Live Meeting.  Use the above
number and pass code.)

FIRST TIME USERS: To save time before the meeting, check your system
<>  to make sure it is
compatible with Microsoft Office Live Meeting.



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US Mail: Peter Zehler
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