MFD> Dec 11 PWG MFD face-to-face meeting minutes available

MFD> Dec 11 PWG MFD face-to-face meeting minutes available

MFD> Dec 11 PWG MFD face-to-face meeting minutes available

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I do not want to see that change.  When I talk to our driver people
"settings" is more closely aligned with the default ticket and
capabilities.  Settings can be changed by an administrator or End User
(often remotely).  A configuration can not be as easily changed and
involves the addition or removal of hardware.  There are other mappings
<>) that are very
closely aligned with the PWG Semantic model. Their Defaults & Allowed
Values map to Settings.  Their Configuration maps to Subunits (i.e.

In the PWG Semantic Model the configuration element is the installed
hardware for the system or the effective hardware configuration for the
service (i.e. the service specific view for the subunits used).  


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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for these excellent and detailed minutes.

A comment on element group naming.  What Pete (and minutes) referred
to as a new group parallel to Capabilities and DefaultJobTicket is
called Settings throughout the classes in the CIM model.

We will have to add a PrintServiceSettings and PrintServiceCapabilities
classes in our 2008 WIMS-CIM modelling work.

I suggest changing Configuration to Settings.

- Ira

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> Dear All,
> The meeting minutes is now available as:
> and
> Thanks very much for your participations. We had very fun, witty, and
> fruitful discussions in the meeting.
> -Nancy
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