MFD> MFD Teleconference, Thursday 1/29 3:00 EDT

MFD> MFD Teleconference, Thursday 1/29 3:00 EDT

MFD> MFD Teleconference, Thursday 1/29 3:00 EDT

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 Some comments and questions.


1.       It is common usage that a Job is submitted to the Service. This is
in Abstract to the Resource Service  and at various places in the text. I
have used the expression extensively in working on the General document. But
in the model that is being defined, the user/client submits a CreateJob
request, and perhaps he submits a document, but the Service creates the job.
At least that is my understanding. Since this aspect of the model is
different from common usage, I suggest we avoid the terminology of
"submitting a job" in that it would reinforce a concept contrary to the

2.       I have trouble with saying that the Resource Service is accepting
Jobs (para et al). From my understanding of the overall model, it
does not accept, create or deal with jobs. It accepts and provides
information about accepted resources to a user/client. It provides resources
to other Services. Should this be "is accepting  and supplying resources"

3.       If we agree in general that  paths to and from Testing are
implementation dependent, I suggest that the "test" operation be removed and
perhaps that the Testing state be removed from and

4.       The sole purpose is to provide resources to other services.  Yet
are we considering the Resource Service to be completely independent and
separate from  the Job Processing services? 

a.       Are the basic service operations described in Section 7.1 the
inter-service operations as well setup and configuration operations with a

b.       Is there but one access path, so that in the Idle State, it is
handling neither client or Service requests? And in the Processing state, it
is handling requests from a either client or another Service?

c.       When it is Down and offline with respect to clients, is it also
offline with respect  to responding to other services, perhaps in the same

5.       SetResourceElements (7.1.11) and all of the Administrative
Resource Service Operations  (7.2) are not indicated as Required or

6.       In the compliance section (8), requirements are placed on clients
and Resource Service.  If the operations listed also apply to the supported
Services, are these Services also Resource Service clients? If so, I suggest
that it is not reasonable to require them to support all of the "required"



Bill Wagner



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This is a reminder. 

As Pete announced, we will review the last updated Resource Service draft in
the teleconference next Thursday to conclude our WG Last Call and move to
PWG Last Call version after the update from the teleconference next

I urge you all review the draft at: 
and send your comments to mfd at and cc me (nchen at or
pete(Peter.Zehler at 

We will resolve all your comments in next Thursday's teleconference and
prepare the Resouce Service spec for the PWG Last Call to start afterwards. 

Thanks for your participation. 


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MFD> MFD Teleconference, Thursday 1/29 3:00 EDT



There will be an MFD conference call at 3:00 PM EDT (12:00 PM PDT) this
Thursday.  The meeting is held in accord with the PWG Intellectual
Property Policy.

Note the NEW Teleconference number and access code are now used.

Please contact me if you do not have the new number and pass code.


1. Identify Minute Taker

2. Approval of minutes from last teleconference


3. Agenda bashing

4. Discussion on Scan Service State and proposed change to section 10 of
the specification

a) Chose between the existing text, proposed text or arrive at
some other consensus.

Existing text is section 10

Proposed change is available at

b) Discussion of Testing State, transition in and out, and method
of transition

5. Discuss syntax of JobPhoneNumber on line 2182 of Scan specification

6. Discuss open ended REQUIREMENT governed by a third party (End User)
policy on line 2788-2790 of Scan specification

7. Discuss any comments on the Resource Service interim draft.
Objective is to move to the Last Call version for review at the Face to


8. Next steps

Click Here to Join Live Meeting

Peter Zehler

Xerox Research Center Webster
Email: Peter.Zehler at
Voice: (585) 265-8755
FAX: (585) 265-7441
US Mail: Peter Zehler
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