[MFD] MFD Overall spec questions

[MFD] MFD Overall spec questions

[MFD] MFD Overall spec questions

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Tue Jul 7 18:22:30 UTC 2009

Nancy & Bill,


I expect to have an update of the schema based on input from the Face to
Face available this week.  I'll let you know when it is posted.  (I also
expect to get the Resource specification in final form and ready for
Harry to announce this week as well.)  I do not expect
AvailableResources to be included under both Server and System.  I will
have to check back on the meeting notes to see exactly what was decided.
I think the issue will be with AvailableResources moved under System and
the existing SupportedResources under System Description.   We need to
have this as the first item for discussion at the July 23rd phone
conference.  I am available this Thursday in the MFD timeslot and can
supply LiveMeeting is there is any interest in a teleconference if there
is interest in an MFD teleconference or focused working session.


Let me know,



Peter Zehler

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Thank you for your response. I do hope that the schema gets updated
soon, because despite Ira's contention that the document is definitive
rather than the schema, I am trying to make the document follow the


The complex element AvailableResources (a term that needs some
definition) is in the inherited ServiceDescription element group. I can
see that, when in the description of a service, it applies to the
resources available to that service. I agree that these does not include
resources available for just one job.  It is not clear to me that this
would not include resources provided through the Resource Service if
they are persistent.  


When applied in a System context, what is included depends upon how the
information is to be used.  English usage  gets a little muddy relative
to strict logic usage with words such as  "any" vs "all" . Your "any"
response to question 2 suggests to me that even if a resource is
available to only one service, it is included as a system element. This
might be useful in an accounting sense, but one still needs to view the
Service AvailableResources to see what can be used on a job. On the
other hand, if the element includes resources available to all supported
services, this identifies resources that can be used on any job,
although perhaps not all. 


But I am still puzzled by AvailableResources  under Server as well as
under System.  At the present time there is no Subunit complex element
under System.  Each service does include a Configuration complex element
that identifies the subunits used by the service. The Subunits under
Server presumably include all of the subunits constituting the device.
Similarly, the AvailableResources  under Server would include all
AvailableResources in the device.  This would be redundant with
AvailableResources under SystemDescription if we take the "any"
definition considered above.


I do not see the function of such redundancy. I think the concept of the
System is evolving. In some cases, as it SystemStatus, the System values
appear to represent the entire device. In others, such as
OperationsSupported, we consider the System as a distinct entity with
its own special operations. Perhaps System AvailableResources should
identity just those resources used by the system as a distinct
functional entity? 


Opinions, please.




Bill Wagner


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Hi Bill, 

According to my understanding, 

1. Yes, we agreed to change ResourceSupported to AvailableResources in

2. AvailableResources contains permanently installed resources readily
available to the MFD system, as compared to those needed to be
downloaded using Resource Service. I would say these are available to
any supported service in the device. 

3. AvailableResources complex element used to be under Server but not in
System. We have just started to define AvailableResources in System
which actually has the same semantics. So these two are redundant. But I
think it's useful to retain it in Server to serve as the base class for
AvailableResources in System. The relationship between the
AvailableResources under Server and that under System is just like the
relationship between the Subunits element under  Server and the Subunits
under the System. 

Pete said he will make sure we got the semantic right after the meeting.
But he is out these days, we should double check with him in the next
teleconference for the correct semantics. 

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[MFD] MFD Overall spec questions



I have been working on what has turned out to be a major
based on the comments at the June face-to-face. At this point, I have a
rather low-level questions with respect to System as represented in the

1.     SystemDescription includes the ServiceDescription element group,
which includes ResourcesSupported. I have a note that we changed that to
AvailableRescources. Is that correct?

2.     In the System  context, does ResourcesSupported
deal will all the resources available to any supported service in the
device, or only to resources available to all supported services in the

3.     How does this relate to the AvailableResources complex element
Server, which is at the same level as System , Services and Subunits?



Bill Wagner

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