PWG-ANNOUNCE> July PWG Reservations & Ping List

PWG-ANNOUNCE> July PWG Reservations & Ping List

PWG-ANNOUNCE> July PWG Reservations & Ping List

Fri May 8 17:00:49 EDT 1998

     July Meeting has been set up.
     Make reservations as soon as possible. The cut off date is June 12 
     Call the Monterey Marriott directly at 1 800 228-9290.
     Attached is the ping list.
     When: July 6 - 10 (1394/1394/PWG&IPP/IPP/JMP&FIN) 
     Where: Monterey, California: $159 + Meeting expenses
     Monterey is about 70 miles from San Jose.
     Monterey Marriott
     350 Calle Principal Monterey, CA 93940 USA 
     Phone: 408-649-4234
     Fax: 408-372-2968
     For more information and the closest aiports try

PING List for Monterey PWG Meeting:  7/6 - 7/10/1998
Name            Meeting(s)  Marriott Res.  Arrival-Departure

Greg LeClair    1394            Yes   7/5-7/8
Don Wright      1394,IPP        Yes   7/5-7/10
Laurie Lasslo   1394            Yes   7/5-7/7
Fumio Nagasaka  1394            Yes   7/5-7/8
Alan Berkema    1394            Yes   7/5-7/7
Larry Stein     1394            Yes   7/5-7/7
Lee Farrell     1394,IPP,JMP/FIN Yes  7/5-7/10
Jerry Thrasher  1394            Yes   7/5-7/8
John Fuller     1394            Yes   7/5-7/7
Scott Bonar     1394,IPP        Yes   7/5-7/10
Bob Morford     1394            Yes   7/5-7/8
Ken Oakeson     1394,IPP,JMP/FIN Yes  7/5-7/13
Mike Teener     1394?           No    7/6-7/7?
Brian Batchelder1394            No    7/6-7/7

Tom Hastings    IPP,JMP/FIN     Yes   7/7-7/10
Stuart Rowley   IPP,JMP/FIN     Maybe 7/7-7/10
Carl-Uno Manros IPP             Yes   7/7-7/9
Ron Bergman     IPP,JMP/FIN     Yes   7/7-7/10
Harry Lewis     IPP,JMP/FIN     Yes   7/7-7/10
Peter Zehler    IPP,JMP/FIN     Yes   7/7-7/10
Shivaun Albright IPP            Yes   7/8-7/9
David Kuntz     IPP             Yes   7/8-7/10
Henrik Holtz    IPP             Yes   7/7-7/10
Scott Isaacson  IPP             Yes   7/7-7/10
Bob Herriot     IPP             No    7/8-7/9
Bill Wagner     IPP,JMP/FIN     No    7/8-7/10
Peter M         IPP             No    7/8-7/9
David Pond      IPP             No    7/8-/79
Nick Web        IPP             No    7/8-7/9
Carlos Becerra  JMP/FIN         Yes   7/9-7/11

If any information regarding your individual attendance is in error, please 
notify me ASAP.
If your name is not on the list, and you plan on attending, also notify me 
ASAP, with the information listed above.

Alan Berkema
alan_berkema at

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