IEEE 1394 aka FireWire

IEEE 1394 aka FireWire

IEEE 1394 aka FireWire

Bob Pentecost bpenteco at
Wed Oct 23 15:25:25 EDT 1996

Several of us here at HP would be interested in learning more about 
Firewire, 1394 and its potential for printers from Mr. Teener. A one day 
meeting in the Bay area would work for us. I'd suggest an airport hotel 
location so many out-of-towners could make it a day trip.

Bob Pentecost

From:  Don Wright[SMTP:don at]
Sent:  Friday, October 18, 1996 1:32 PM
Subject:  IEEE 1394 aka FireWire

To the 1284, TIPSI and PWG mailing lists:

There was significant interest at the last meeting of the
1394 Trade Association about developing the necessary
protocols to support printers attached to 1394 ports.  The
first area of interest was to attach low-cost host-based
inkjet printers directly to cameras.  This is just a first
step in connecting printers; the need to attach these ink
jet machines as well as full blown laser and led printers
to PCs with 1394 interfaces is an obvious requirement.

Several of the Japanese companies interested especially in
the direct to camera attachment are meeting for the first
time in Japan the week of Oct 28th.  This meeting will be
led by Mike Teener (formerly of Apple, now of Firefly Inc.)
who will be bringing the attendees up to speed on 1394 and
its potential for printers.  Tuesday, I visited Mr. Teener
and talked about the already existing group of people that
participate in the 1284.X and the Printer Working Group
meetings that understand printer connectivity, protocols and
I/O.  I suggested that perhaps that same type of meeting
could be held here for the rest of us and then perhaps we
could link us all (US and Japan) together to develop the
architectures for both host-based ink jets and PDL based

Mr. Teener is available the first week of December should
we agree to meet on the subject.  I would suggest a meeting
in the San Jose/San Francisco area to make it convenient
for him.

Is there any interest on this community in getting this
discussed?  If so, is there anyone in the Bay area with
a facility we could use for a one day meeting?

Comments?  Other ideas?


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