PWG> Boston Meeting

PWG> Boston Meeting

PWG> Boston Meeting

Don Wright don at
Mon Apr 28 11:07:48 EDT 1997

Sorry for the multiple postings but there seem to still be
some people who s*bscribe to one of the project lists without
s*bscribing to the PWG's administrative list.  In the future,
all meeting notices, etc. will only go out one to the PWG
mailing list; please s*bscribe to it NOW!!

(Well I guess I am past line 5 now and can say the word
subscribe and not have the filter reject my mail!!!)

J. Martin of Underscore has graciously agreed to arrange the
details for the Boston meeting.  He will forward them to the
PWG list as soon as possible.  Since both the 1394 printing
effort and the IPP effort would like 2 day meetings in 
Boston, the following schedule is mandated:

June 23/24     1394 Printing
June 25/26     IPP
June 27        JMP, etc.

Best regards!


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