[SM3] IEEE-ISTO/PWG SM 3 - F2F meeting minutes. Oct 24-2013

[SM3] IEEE-ISTO/PWG SM 3 - F2F meeting minutes. Oct 24-2013

[SM3] IEEE-ISTO/PWG SM 3 - F2F meeting minutes. Oct 24-2013

Manchala, Daniel Daniel.Manchala at xerox.com
Thu Oct 31 00:45:47 UTC 2013

Minor correction:

The representative from Kyocera is Lida Wang and not Rita.


24 Oct 2013 (1:30 PM - 5:00 PM)


Bill Wagner (TIC)
Paul Tykodi (TCS) - call in
Michael Sweet (Apple) - call in
Daniel Manchala (Xerox - Chair of SM WG) - call in Ira McDonald (High North) Gyaneshwer Gupta (Oki) Rick Yardumian (Canon) Joe Murdock (Sharp) Rita (Kyocera) Justin Hutchings (Microsoft) - call in Norbert Schade - call in

IP Policy and Daniel taking the minutes

Daniel went over the agenda

Paul introduced PWG's relationship to various standards bodies (ISO, CIP4, AFP, etc) - 1:30 to 2:00 PM

If you stream PDF and you are the recipient - no information on change input trays for example, how can we tell the device? It will be in the job template. Question put on the IPP mailing list (Paul Tykodi). The answer for self-certification: "page-overrides" is the way to do it. Very few have implemented it.Most operating systems support it. IPP-Everywhere makes this a mandatory attribute. It is described in IPP 2.2 conformance standard.

PC130 WG2 - ISO 19445 XMP Metadata for document proofing to be discussed at the Berlin meeting sponsored by GHEMP - a discussion started at the Print13 meeting.

Mapping from Microsoft Print Schema to PWG Print Job Ticket (Paul reviewd this with the PWG and Justin - Microsoft) 2:00 - 2:20 PM

MSPS uses three levels (Job, Document and Page) whereas PJT uses two levels (Job and Document) - PJT could use the "page-overrides" attribute to simulate the MS page level attributes.

Section 4.2 on mapping MSPS state model to PWG state model to be removed.  The state model mapping to JDF and AFP would be considered in version 2 of the mapping document. Likewise Ira will engage with CIP4 folks on updating the mapping document. Mike's finished with the PPD mapping.

There is no need to show an exhaustive list of PWG MSN (Media Standardized Names) as it will go out of data quickly.

WS-Discovery for self-certification - discuss with Justin.There is a probe request in the IPP Everywhere document but not the probe response. Justin to look up the information within the WS-Discovery and respond to an action item from Mike.

Discussion on the SM charter 2:20 - 3:15 PM

The charter is place at ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/sm3/wd directory. Once approved it will be moved into the sm3/charter directory.

Fix the title font. Remove the v3.0 from the title. Underspecify orchestration in the problem statement. Remove the Resource Service project as the Resource Service standard is pretty much complete. Remove mapping of PWG PJT to DMTF's CIM. Remove the DMTF CIM, but put in GWG WG soft proof ticket (Ira and Paul to work on this mapping pulling other editors).

The charter is now complete to be sent to the SC for review.

Break 3:15 - 3:30 PM

PWG members used LiquidXML for several years. Pete used Altova XMLSpy. Ira used NotePad++. Ira will email daniel a link to LiquidXML and NotePad++. NotePad++ is recommended to be used for editing and LiquidXML to generate JPEG images embedded into Word or HTML versions.

Bill to organize and be the main editor for the SM 3.0 document. Daniel to work with Bill on editing the document.

Roll Transform Service 1.0 as it is into SM 3.0. When we get enough editors to work on it, then we will bring out another version of SM (say 3.1+). System Control Service is now part of SM 3.0 - which leaves Imaging Job Ticket, Resource Service and Mapping document out of SM 3.0 which become independent documents.

FaxIn is uptodate. FaxOut, Cloud, IPP Print Extensions, IPP Transaction Based Printing, System Control Service need to be updated into the schema.

Imaging Job Ticket Model -- needs to include multifunction services.

Rename Service Integration --> Service Orchestration

CWMP --> CWMP Printer Data Model

Mapping Standard to include GWG Soft Proof

Strike the bullets on Resource Service or Transform Service.

Schema naming 1.185 --> 2.900

Publish the Imaging Job Ticket and SM 3.0 with the same schema number.

slide 10: Update SM 3.0 remove the sub-bullets. Web Services will be pointed within SM 3.0.Add an appendix to SM 3.0 that includes informative reference to the SOAP binding.

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