[SM3] Jan 6, 2014 Meeting Minutes with updated Action Items

[SM3] Jan 6, 2014 Meeting Minutes with updated Action Items

[SM3] Jan 6, 2014 Meeting Minutes with updated Action Items

Manchala, Daniel Daniel.Manchala at xerox.com
Mon Jan 6 20:41:25 UTC 2014

IEEE/ISTO-PWG/SM3 WG Meeting - 6 Jan. 2014, 11:00 - 12:00 PT (== 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET)


Daniel Manchala (Xerox)
Ira McDonald (High North)
Rick Yardumian (Canon)
Bill Wagner (TIC)
Paul Tykodi (TCS)

The following Action Items were reviewed today, and some of them have been updated based on the status of the Action Items.

o   ACTION ITEM: Paul T. to send message to MFD list outlining  the situation and his objectives for the 10 December conference call [Although the call took place, the Transform Service effort appears to be suspended] ----- Action: - Paul What is the current status of the Transform Service? We agreed to put the Transform Service into the overall SM 3.0 document. Status: Yes, the Transform Service will be moving to the SM 3.0 document. This was captured in the charter. DONE.

o   ACTION ITEM: : Daniel will correct namespace and schema with respect to
issues identified [below].  ----- Numbering: make the next version 2.900 from 1.185 (from Mike's minutes). Daniel to send an updated version to Ira and Mike who will validate using LiquidXML and other tools (for syntax checking) before posting to the SM3 website. Other datatype errors have been observed since the Dec. F2F 2012 meeting. These need to be fixed.

§  Errors observed 

1.    CharsetSupported not properly encoded as a list of keyword. ---- Update (Jan 6, 2014) It should have a pattern just like NaturalLanguageSupported. We should use the list in the IANA registry. PwgCommon.xsd is updated thus:
	<xs:simpleType name="CharsetType">
		<xs:union memberTypes="CharsetWKV StringExtensionPattern"/>
				<xs:documentation> "The authoritative complete list of preferred MIME names of Charsets is in the IANA	Charset Registry described in RFC 2978, section 2.3: Naming Requirements URL: www.iana.org/assignments/character-sets"</xs:documentation>

	Ira to provide the URL for IANA Charset Registry.

2.    NaturalLanguageSupported not properly encoded as a list of keyword. ---- Update (Jan 6, 2014) It should not have a WKV list. These are listed in a set of ISO registries. The schema contains among other fields country and language. RFC 5646 has the ABNF for constructing a language tag. PwgCommon.xsd is updated thus:

	<xs:element name="NaturalLanguageSupported">
				<xs:element ref="NaturalLanguage" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
					<xs:documentation> "See RFC 5646, section 2.1 syntax  or later version for the ABNF notation that yields the complete set of natural languages supported.</xs:documentation>

3.    FinishingCol is the wrong type.

4.    For consistency with IPP implementations, every member within a
processing element's complex type should be decorated with the MustHonor attribute rather than just have the complex type inherit the attribute and have the value applicable to all constituent members 

5.    Errors are not reflected in approved standards, except that reference
to Schema version in PWG Job Ticket standard must be corrected using Errata mechanism. ACTION ITEM: Daniel (or delegated person) to issue errata as identified in the PWG process document section 9.1. ----- This could be a one liner erratum to the Job Ticket standard that would point to the new version of SM3 schema. This erratum is a separate document.

o   ACTION ITEM: Peter will implement changes to WSDL as agreed in Cloud WG session [ If this is not yet done, I suggest it wait until  Cloud settles on these operations - However, SM  input  to Cloud discussion would be appreciated] ----- Schema editor (not Pete) to change the WSDL per IPP and Cloud WG issued operations list. Let us wait until the definitions of operations are stable.

o   ACTION ITEM: Peter will add "Print Service" to operations as necessary to properly distinguish object of operation.  ----- Go back to original minutes to discover the operations referred to in this AI.

o ACTION ITEM: Create/check a WSDL file identifying all Notification Operations to be used in conjunction with Print Operations. Ensure GetNotifications  properly reflects applicable parts of RFC3995, 3996, 3997. As agreed in Cloud Model WG session, an IPP notifications mechanism should be available for Cloud Printing. ---- Schema editor to add GetNotifications and appropriate attributes to the schema.

o   ACTION ITEM: Glen to send message to MFD list identifying errors and suggesting corrections. Glen observed some problems in the approved text. ----- Give an AI to Ira to send an email to Glen. Ira will do a search on email from Glen.

o   Pete to verify that the original evolution and namespace registry documents are posted on the PWG server ----- Needs to be checked. [Find an email from Pete regarding evolution. Action Item: Mike - There should be a link in the next generation PWG home page to the namespace registry itself and there should be a naming process in /pub/pwg/general/process - this process should be written].

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