WBMM> March 24 WBMM Phone Conference

WBMM> March 24 WBMM Phone Conference

WBMM> March 24 WBMM Phone Conference

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Tue Mar 23 16:53:30 EST 2004

I have a conflict. I will try to wrap the internal meeting early enough 
for me to catch the last 1/2 hr of WBMM.
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

"Wagner,William" <WWagner at NetSilicon.com> 
Sent by: owner-wbmm at pwg.org
03/23/2004 11:48 AM

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WBMM> March 24 WBMM Phone Conference

The next WBMM conference call will be on Wednesday 24 March from  12PM to 

Time: 12:00 PM EST (9:00 AM PST) 
Call-in US Toll-free: 1-877-874-5524
Call-in International/Toll: 1-712-455-8420
Participant Identification number: 497478#

Proposed Agenda follows: 
                 A. Review the of the minutes of the March 3 phone 
conference. ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wbmm/minutes/wbmm_040303.pdf 

                 B. Comments Ira's counter MIB. 
                                 Ira will probably be present. 
Nevertheless,  we can use this time to provide him with constructive 

                 C. Comments on whether the IPP FAX management elements 
requirements list (follows in this email) can be reasonably addressed by 
the WBMM structure and process we have been developing.
  WBMM and IPPFax:

  For WBMM to manage IPPFax, security is a requirement. 
  What types of things would IPPFax want managed by WBMM?
  Certificate creation 
  IPPFax on/off 
  Logging level 
  Cover sheets 
  Separator sheets 
  Archiving (on/off) 
  Job History 
  Accounting counters 
  Mgmt operations such as purge jobs and pause printer 
  Installation of new firmware 
  PDF flavors 

                 D. Comments on the Notifications  and Discovery documents 
cited by Harry and Ira, and relation to WBMM.


                 E. Review of where we are in the WBMM WG plan, to what 
extent we have deviated from charter and whether a revised charter is 
warranted, and what is next.

The next call will be on March 31.

Many thanks!

Bill Wagner

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