WIMS> Black vs Mono

WIMS> Black vs Mono

WIMS> Black vs Mono

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Bill is correct.  My comment applies only to images.  Note that there is no Highlight Color Images so
you can presently define Black or Full Color images only.

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I agree with your comments, and would argue that "Black" impressions is preferable to "Monochrome" impressions. However, Ron did not refer to impressions but rather to images. So this is not a question about what is actually deposited on media, but what is defined in a job. If no color is defined, then the image may be considered monochrome. A job where a cyan image is defined would be treated as full color, even if it were the only color.  If this is Ron's reasoning, I think it makes sense. The question then is if the use of "black" with impressions and "monochrome" with images adds to understanding or to confusion.


Bill Wagner 


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As background... we discussed Black vs Mono at the Tokyo f2f. There is an intuitive question of whether we are really trying to count BLACK (only) pages vs Full Color or Spot Color pages or whether we are using Black as a synonym for Monochrome vs Full Color. The result would be nearly the same except that with the later one could ask how to count a completely Cyan (unlikely) page, for example. In Tokyo we concluded that, indeed, we are  counting BLACK (only) pages. Aside from being inherently monochrome, Black has a unique role in printing as many printers have various contone components (of which Black is one) and spot colors but Black (only) impressions may be accomplished without engaging the contone features or pathway in some cases. Also, Monochrome and Black really ARE synonymous, Black being so much so the majority of monochrome that other cases (Cyan only, Magenta only) become pathological. 

I know another thread ensued abut where and what documents already carry these definitions but I wanted to share this "common sense" dialog which occurred in Tokyo at the Last Call review also, prior to the next WIMS teleconference. 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

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