WIMS> CIM> What is the W for?

WIMS> CIM> What is the W for?

WIMS> CIM> What is the W for?

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
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I support W as  "Working group"



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Re: changing the name of the WIMS group to reflect its broader scope 

If the goal is to retain the acronym WIMS, we must construct a suitable
backronym.  The problem is the W, since the absorbed PMP items are not
"Web-based."  The current charter draft suggests "Wide-scope."

A few minutes with a dictionary yielded some other possibilities.  

Interesting but rejected: 
- Wagner's     (practical) 
- Wonderful    (boastful) 
- Whiz-bang   (flippant) 

- Well-known 
- Working group for, as in "Working group for Imaging Management

So long as the W does not stand for Washington, or for any other meaning
of "W" recently related to Washington, it's okay.  

Of course, we could always change the name slightly, since lots of
interesting words end in MS for Management Semantics.  For example,
Imaging Systems Management Semantics, or ISMS.  Has kind of a nice ring
to it.  


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