[WIMS] Concall- Thursday 8 March at 1PM ET

[WIMS] Concall- Thursday 8 March at 1PM ET

[WIMS] Concall- Thursday 8 March at 1PM ET

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Mar 5 21:44:12 UTC 2012


There will be a WIMS/PMP conference call  Thursday, 8 March at 1PM, EST.


Call-in and password numbers are the standards. Email a message to me if you
need them.


The proposed agenda is:


1. Identify Minute-taker 

2. Statement that meeting is held in accord with PWG IP Policy 

3. Consideration of Agenda

4. Review/Accept  February face-to-face  minutes 


a. Check on action items

.         Mike to post call for MIB Notes Wiki page content to PWG-announce

.         Bill to organize MIB Notes Wiki page, provide links in other
pages, and add a note about SNMP walks waking up devices to higher power
state (open) 

.         Ira to provide update for MFD Alerts document 

.         Bill to provide informal draft of PWG Power MIB/EMAN relations

b. Power MIB Interop

c. MIB Errata Page

d. MFD Management Elements

5. Agree on MFD Alerts specification WG last call resolution and putting it
into PWG Last Call


Note: I will not be available for a WIMS/PMP call on March 22. Perhaps, if
IDS is not using the slot, we can convene again on March 29.



Bill Wagner, CoChairman - Workgroup for Imaging Management Solutions/PWG 



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