Definition Type: SimpleType
Name: DeviceTypesWKV
Containing Schema: PwgWellKnownValues.xsd
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XSD Diagram of DeviceTypesWKV
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<xs:simpleType name="DeviceTypesWKV">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:NMTOKEN">
        <xs:maxLength value="255" />
        <xs:enumeration value="PC" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Tablet" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Server" />
    <!-- WIMS device type (function of this device object) -->
    <!-- see WIMS Object Model - section 4 [WIMS-PRO] -->
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Facet Value
Enumeration PC
Enumeration Tablet
Enumeration Server
MaxLength 255
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