Definition Type: Element
Name: Monitoring
Type: pwg:Monitoring
Containing Schema: Counter.xsd
error, warning, traffic, job and configuration change counts
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Drilldown into RemoteStorageKOctets Drilldown into LocalStorageKOctets Drilldown into StorageAllocWarnings Drilldown into StorageAllocErrors Drilldown into MemoryAllocErrors Drilldown into MemoryAllocWarnings Drilldown into CompletedFinisherJobs Drilldown into CompletedJobs Drilldown into CanceledJobs Drilldown into AbortedJobs Drilldown into CriticalAlerts Drilldown into TotalAlerts Drilldown into ConfigChanges Drilldown into MonitoringXSD Diagram of Monitoring
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<xs:element name="Monitoring" type="Monitoring">
        <xs:documentation>error, warning, traffic, job and configuration change counts</xs:documentation>
Collapse Child Elements:
Name Type Min Occurs Max Occurs
ConfigChanges pwg:ConfigChanges 0 (1)
TotalAlerts pwg:TotalAlerts 0 (1)
CriticalAlerts pwg:CriticalAlerts 0 (1)
AbortedJobs pwg:AbortedJobs 0 (1)
CanceledJobs pwg:CanceledJobs 0 (1)
CompletedJobs pwg:CompletedJobs 0 (1)
CompletedFinisherJobs pwg:CompletedFinisherJobs 0 (1)
MemoryAllocWarnings pwg:MemoryAllocWarnings 0 (1)
MemoryAllocErrors pwg:MemoryAllocErrors 0 (1)
StorageAllocErrors pwg:StorageAllocErrors 0 (1)
StorageAllocWarnings pwg:StorageAllocWarnings 0 (1)
LocalStorageKOctets pwg:LocalStorageKOctets 0 (1)
RemoteStorageKOctets pwg:RemoteStorageKOctets 0 (1)
<xs:any> Allowed namespace: '##other' 0 unbounded
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Name Type Default Value Use
<anyAttribute> Allowed namespace: '##other'
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