Definition Type: Element
Name: WorkTotals
Type: pwg:InOutboundCounts
Containing Schema: Counter.xsd
MinOccurs 0
MaxOccurs (1)
Summation of all classes of work
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<xs:element name="WorkTotals" type="InOutboundCounts" minOccurs="0">
        <xs:documentation>Summation of all classes of work</xs:documentation>
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Name Type Min Occurs Max Occurs
Images pwg:Images 0 (1)
MonochromeImages pwg:MonochromeImages 0 (1)
FullColorImages pwg:FullColorImages 0 (1)
InputKOctets pwg:InputKOctets 0 (1)
InputMessages pwg:InputMessages 0 (1)
OutputKOctets pwg:OutputKOctets 0 (1)
OutputMessages pwg:OutputMessages 0 (1)
<xs:any> Allowed namespace: '##other' 0 unbounded
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<anyAttribute> Allowed namespace: '##other'
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