[Cloud] Cloud Use Case

[Cloud] Cloud Use Case

Craig Shifman craig.shifman at hl.konicaminolta.us
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Doctor in off hours sends a prescription to a drug store for a patient


Doctor has a mobile device and wants to send a prescription to a particular
drug store for a patient in off hours.  The Doctor selects a target printer
based on the Cloud Provider's information regarding the geographic location
of the printer. The user configures the print job, and once the Cloud
Provider determines that the settings are valid, the job is sent to the
targeted device and printed. The third party receives the print job at the
targeted printer. 


User sends a hand written prescription print job from their mobile device to
the geographically located printer through a Cloud Provider


User's mobile device is capable of interacting with a Cloud Provider
supporting the IPP Everywhere protocol. 

User's mobile device supports prescription generation


User initiates a print command from an application that can interface with a
Cloud Provider, configure the print job parameters, and generate the target
output formatted data


1.       User initiates a print command from an application that can
generate print content

2.       User queries Cloud Provider for printers in a specific geographic
location that supports the features needed for their print job. (example:
prescription printing)

3.       User chooses an available printer from the available devices

4.       User configures the print job, setting options 

5.       User submits the job

6.       The mobile device validates the print job through the Cloud
Provider using IPP Everywhere to talk to the Cloud Provider

7.       The mobile device submits the job to the Cloud Provider

8.       The Cloud Provider submits the job to the target printer through
IPP Everywhere 

9.       User gets confirmation of job submitted/completed by the Cloud

Alternate flows

6a. The Cloud Provider could deem the job settings invalid and return the
job to the user for correction. 

6b. The IPP Everywhere printer could deem the job settings invalid and
return the job to the Cloud Provider who in turn returns the job to the user
for correction

9a. An error could be encountered, in which case the user would be notified
by the Cloud Provider on how to proceed. 

Post conditions

The IPP Everywhere printer has printed the job the user sent. 

The IPP everywhere printer is available to accept additional print jobs. 



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