[Cloud] About PWG Print Job Ticket

[Cloud] About PWG Print Job Ticket

[Cloud] About PWG Print Job Ticket

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Wed Nov 30 17:30:11 UTC 2011



After reviewing of the later content of the Print Job Ticket
specification, I realize what is called a Print Job Ticket in the
specification is what I have always understood to mean the Print Job.
And, what is called the Document Ticket is what I have always understood
to mean the Print Job Ticket.  For example, in JTAPI, the attribute in
the specification that are associated with the Document Ticket are those
associated in JTAPI with a Print Job Ticket.


Perhaps you can provide me a reference for a Print Job.


My understanding is that a Client submits a Print Job to a Print
Service.  A Print Job consists of a Print Job Ticket and Print Job
Content (Document) and Print Job Info (parts of what you call
PrintJobDescription and PrintJobProcessing).


My model 

| Print Job Info

Print Job =>   | Print Job Ticket

| Print Job Content


Where the Print Job Info is the set of attributes you have that start
with 'Job'.

Where the Print Job Ticket is the set of attributes applied the Print
Job Content; what you call DocumentTicket/Processing.

Where the Print Job Content is the set of "documents" and attributes
that you generally have that start with 'Document'


In the specification the model is sort of like mine but the 'labels' are
different and some elements/attributes moved around.  The closet analog


| Print Job Processing

Print Job Ticket =>    | Print Document Processing (could be Print
Document Ticket)

| Print Job Description 


Since the PWG:PJT models, object and attributes are, I assume, based on
IPP-isms and naming conventions; I believe the best solution is mapping
of the PWG:PJT in binding code for support of the PWG:PJT.


So, I retracted my comments made yesterday and I will focus on bindings
and/or mappings of the PWG:PJT.






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