[Cloud] Cloud/mobile printing testing spreadsheet

[Cloud] Cloud/mobile printing testing spreadsheet

[Cloud] Cloud/mobile printing testing spreadsheet

Ranga Raj ranga.raj at celstream.com
Tue Dec 20 11:59:15 UTC 2011

Thanks Larry for putting this information together in a spreadsheet. I
thought I would share a diagram that I use to describe our PrintJinni
platform architecture's possible workflows.



Mimeo has a cloud print API http://developer.mimeo.com/ and 
http://developer.mimeo.com/api-overview.php to receive jobs as a PSP
(print service provider)..


There are multiple options of submission of jobs to cloud service -
direct from an app, email attachment to an address, upload via web
portal etc.. So each phase of the work flow could have multiple options.


Hope this helps as the diagram is for mobile phones/tablets, but equally
applicable to other devices submitting jobs to a cloud service.




Ranga Raj




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I attached a spreadsheet (both xlsx and xls) with a summary of my test
findings for your review as the PWG moves forward.  I have been testing
different solutions that I have had the hardware or infrastructure
available to look at possible print methods I can use in working with


The summary I can offer at this time when I think about PWG standards


1.       Creating a mobile solution and deploying it does not require
significant effort, especially on the Android platform.

2.       The solutions offered via Android Market  are supporting the
use of email attachments to get data to the service provider

3.       Several solutions are embedding Google CloudPrint as part of
their solution.

4.       Several solutions offering printing at the enterprise location
require that a server or other host be provided as part of the delivery

5.       The providers that have a solution that most matches the slides
in the BOF meetings are the "Pay to print" providers such as Mimeo.


I hope this adds some value to our discussions.  Feel free to contact me
via the pwg mailing list, or privately at larryupthegrove at comcast.net


Larry Upthegrove


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