[Cloud] next conference call Monday Dec 19 2011 from 1:00 to 2:00pm EST

[Cloud] next conference call Monday Dec 19 2011 from 1:00 to 2:00pm EST

[Cloud] next conference call Monday Dec 19 2011 from 1:00 to 2:00pm EST

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Jan 16 17:04:52 UTC 2012

Thanks Peter. We will try to consider satisfactory resolution of WG comments during Cloud and we request consideration of “JPS3 comment on xxx-preferred”. Issue dirng the special IPP meeting this afternoon.

Bill Wagner


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I will be unable to attend due to a personal commitment. For agenda item #4 I do not track Working Group last call comments the way I track the official Last Call.  Below are the comments and the resolutions I could find.  I have one roadblock to publishing an updated schema and sending PJT out for PWG Last Call.  I sent a note out on it yesterday titled “JPS3 comment on xxx-preferred”.  Can we resolve this asap either online or at a meeting this week?



1) Comment: The global search/replace on Printer w/ Print Service also got into the footer and the front matter in Printer Working Group (no Print Service Working Group)

Resolution: Fixed


2) Comment:  Section 6.1.3:  Following the other sections; should “ISheetType” be called “InsertSheetType”

Section 6.1.4:  Following the other sections, should “MediaCol” be called “MediaColType”

Resolution:  These were missed when conventions changed in the schema.  The schema and specification have been updated


3) Comment:  In Section 5 Print Service Description, the section reference for "the definition for the PrintServiceCapabilities container element" is incorrect. 

See the following text in the spec: 


368 A container element is needed to carry the subset of PrintServiceDescription elements, 

369 the PrintJobTicketCapabilities and the PrintDocumentCapabilities in a protocol.  Section 0 

370 contains the definition for the PrintServiceCapabilities container element. 


Resolution: reworked section 5 a bit to update the section reference and clarify the container element mapping


4) Comment: The "container element" mentioned above is not defined in the spec. 

Resolution: reworked section 5 a bit to update the section reference and clarify the container element mapping


5) Comment:  Table 3 - the element "PWGRasterDocumentBackside" came from PWG Raster Format spec, in Section 5 Semantic Model Elements - Table 9: the "PWGRasterDocumentSheetBack" element.  Shouldn't this element use the same name in these two specs????

Resolution: Aligned with specification “PwgRasterDocumentSheetBack”


6) Comment: I noticed that job accounting sheets has an output-bin; should there be an output-bin element for job error sheet?

Resolution: I’m inclined to stick with the IPP definition


7) Comment: rfc2911 / 4.2.3 define the two possible JobSheets as ‘none’ and ‘standard’ while the WKV’s for this include job-start-sheet and first-print-stream-page,

Job-start-sheet is, according to rfc2911 on page 221, “create” when auto-sensing has occurred.  Also see on page 88.

Was the enum for JobSheets updated in a later document?

I can find no reference to first-print-stream-page (FirstPrintStreamPage)?

Resolution:  The values are defined in PWG5100.3 §6.2.  (Set 1, 2 and 3 have additional values for various elements defined elsewhere.)  I have a reference in appendix C to the IANA registry for IPP. <http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipp-registrations/ipp-registrations.xml>   The registry is up to date as of December 2011.  I was missing the reference entry for [IPPREG] so I fixed that.


8) Comment:  The PJT states the ref is 5100.4 / 5.3; but 5100.4 is obsolete and replaced with 5100.6.   5100.6 states that PagesPerSubset is outside the scope of 5100.6 ………… found it.   JPS3 section 5.2.1, can you update the PJT ref.

Resolution:  Fixed


9) In PWG 5100.7 $ 3.1.2 (not section 3.12) the variable is called job-mandatory-attributes but you call it JobMandatoryElements.  Should the name be changed (JobMandatoryAttributes) in the PJT to align?

Resolution:  Added appendix on the rules I used to map IPP to XML


10) Comments:  In the diagram (page 27)  you have JobDelayOutputUntil.  On page 46 you have JobDelayUntil.  I believe they should match.  To go with JobHold,  I think it should be JobDelayUntil

Resolution:  Corrected name to “JobDelayOutputUntil” and corrected “HoldUntilWKV”


11) Comment: The TemplateXXX elements are stated to be in  PWG 5108.3  sections; but there is no section nor elements defined for Template in the document.   The spec is about resources.  I don’t see another spec for template.  Can you or someone else point me to the correct spec?  Since a Template I believe is a resource; then, is TemplateXXX just an instantiated name for ResourceXXX as in PWG 5108.03 section –   I am still a confused about he TemplateType Keyword or is this actually the ResourceType with the only keyword of “PrintJob”.

Resolution: The “TemplateXXX” elements are Job Description elements that give information about a template that was used to create a Job.  In the PrintJobTicket specification “TemplateType” is limited to ‘PrintJob’.  The PWG Semantic model permits other types of templates (i.e., values for every service in both a Job and Document flavor).  One of the places from which a template could be available is a Resource Service.  The “ResourceCategory” would be ‘Template’ and the “ResourceType” would be one of the values from “TemplateTypeWKV”.  Note that that “ResourceType” is a superset of “TemplateType” since resources can be things other than Templates.

The correct TemplateXXX references are:

TemplateCreatorUserName    [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateId                              [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateInfo                          [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateName                        [PWG5108.2] §

TemplateType                         [PWG5108.2] §


12) Comment: I have DocumentFormatDetailsSupported as a required element in a table 3 (section 8.2).  It occurs nowhere else in the specification and is not currently in the Service Description subset of elements used for document generation in the schema (DocumentGenerationElements).  Should DocumentFormatDetailsSupported be a mandatory ServiceDescription element used in the subset of elements used for document generation?

Resolution:  No


13) Comment: Reference for MediaTooth (on page 52) I believe should be [PWG5100.11] $11.5.1. Reference for MediaRecycled I believe is PWG 5100.3 $ 3.13.11 and MediaPrePrinted I believe is PWG 5100.3 $3.13.5

Resolution:  Fixed


14) Comment:  So is “Media” (from page 50 of pwg:pjt) the same as “MediaSizeName” (from page 51 of pwg:pjt)?  Actually, the reference for MediaSizeName (pwg 5100.5 $8.1) appears to be wrong.  MediaSizeName is also defined in the 5105.1 /pg 35 and has the same references pwg 5100.5 $8.1.   Maybe MediaSizeName is defined somewhere else. 

Resolution: Media is defined in RFC2911 §4.2.11 and MediaSizeName is defined in PWG5108.02 §  The semantic difference is that Media is a named medium upon which the impressions will be printed and MediaSizeName is a named size of the canvas for an image.  For both elements PWG5101.1 §5 is the reference for the standard values. add "MediaSizeName" to MediaCol, move MediaSource out of the MediaSize/SizeName/Source choice since source is often used in conjunction with size on non-production printers (i.e. print envelopes from bypass tray).  MediaSource is only in MediaCol.  Media (top-level element) can have a size or source name registered with IANA or a self-describing name (PWG 5101.1) Add reference to RFC 2911 for Media and MediaType.   Make sure IANA registered and 5101.1 names are all in the well-known values list for Media and MediaType.


15) Comment: For Resolution DataType, there is not reference/definition for Units in this document.   I found on page 55 that this Units are stated to be DPI or DPCM.  So do we need to explicitly define “Units” as a string type with ‘dpi’ and ‘dpcm’ as values.

Resolution:  Resolution is a datatype defined in RFC2911 so I initially treated it as such.  To clarify the definition the specification will now treat Resolution as any other complex type.  The UnitsWKV will be included.





Peter Zehler

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It is my understanding that there will be a one-hour Cloud Working Group meeting on Monday, January 16 at 1 PM EST.

  Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-866-469-3239
  Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-429-3300 (Primary)
  Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-408-856-9570 (Backup)

  Attendee Access Code: *******#
  Attendee ID Code: # (empty)

If you need the Attendee Access code, please email me a request.


(1) PWG IP Policy and Minute Taker

(2) Approve Cloud Imaging WG minutes from last teleconference

 <ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/cloud/minutes/cloud-concall-minutes-20111219.pdf> ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/cloud/minutes/cloud-concall-minutes-20111219.pdf 


(3) Action items from last meeting (updating status and refreshing these may be the primary discussion items).


·         Decide next work after mapping document

·         All members to work with Larry to fill out Cloud Printing spreadsheet

·         Start WG last call of Job Ticket document over holiday break (Working Group Last Call for PWG Print Job Ticket and Associated Capabilities specification ended  January 8 2012)

·         Submit updated charter for SC approval (PENDING)

·         Continue Mapping of PWG Semantic Model elements into PPD, MSPS, and JDF formats (Best Practices Document)

·         Ira to work with Justin on MSPS mapping (PENDING)

·         Justin to work with Microsoft Legal on the appropriate citation/reference to MSPS based on the new license for inclusion with the MSPS content in the mapping document, and any process for the PWG to make a formal request (ONGOING)

·         Ron or Bill to post a call for wider participation of driver developers for the XPS/MSPS stuff (ONGOING)

·         Mike to make "first-index" in JPS3 1-based instead of 0-based (ONGOING - part of next update)

·         Mike to prepare new draft of PPD Mapping whitepaper (ONGOING)Ira to work with Justin on MSPS mapping

(4) Review Job Ticket Working Group last call comments (since this has not been done in MFD WG, and assuming that Pete and a reasonable number of commenters  are in attendance))

(5) Next Steps


Bill Wagner, Cloud WG Vice Chair.





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