[Cloud] Mobile print client - use perspective.

[Cloud] Mobile print client - use perspective.

[Cloud] Mobile print client - use perspective.

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I was looking at this from an enterprise implementer.  In the discussion of
mobile print clients, it was suggested that  clients currently control
output by setting drivers in most printing.


My experience is that a significant amount of printing requires adherence to
a specific set of settings to force the output to meet requirements.  In an
Enterprise environment I can control drivers and settings, the print devices
on the network, and the user workstations by a variety of controls.  As
processes are migrating to using a mobile device or BYOD, there needs to be
a way to control the printing resources. My thinking is that the mobile
print client needs to include the capability for the application and/or
other control system to determine the output rather than the user.


I think the preview output feature would be an enhancement.





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Hi Larry,


I certainly agree with your second statement, but it is something that we
can, at best, suggest to the device suppliers. we have no control over what
they do.


Your examples, which I  assume deal with circumstances where the way
something is printed is controlled by an outside agency, is interesting,
although I would expect that there is a specific application  on the users
device that handles the collection of data from the user and verification of
this data and then interfaces with the print client to define format and
print requirements (possibly including specific printer type, media
available, location, etc. Although the path inside the device may be
different from typical printing, it is not clear to me that the this
represents a different set of requirements for the print client or print
manager. Am I missing something?


Bill Wagner


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In reference to the mobile print clients discussed today, I think the
following use cases need to be accommodated as well.  Do my comments seem
reasonable, or do they need more detail?


I also think there should be an attempt to have a standard call that results
from the user's desire to print - currently mobile devices can have a print
button, or "share with", or start the print app first, as just a few of the
options.  Not all printers are available for similar applications.






Case 1.


User is responsible for printing an odometer affidavit which must conform to
the state's legal requirements.  The user starts an application on their
mobile device which accepts the required input data, including odometer
reading, VIN, Registration details, etc.


The user clicks on a print preview button that displays the data for
printing.  The user is not presented any print options due to the legal
format restrictions, only the printer status.  Print destination was
determined by user location and/or ID.



Case 2.


A financial service branch representative meets with a client to discuss a
product.  The client decides to purchase a product and needs to review and
sign several printed documents.  These forms are identified as controlled by
a regulatory agency, and must be printed in a specific format.  The advisor
inputs the needed information on their mobile device and selects print
preview.  After review the advisor sends the data to a printer that has the
appropriate capability, including any special forms or paper.




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