[Cloud] RE: [IPP] Conference call today?

[Cloud] RE: [IPP] Conference call today?

[Cloud] RE: [IPP] Conference call today?

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Jun 18 16:41:58 UTC 2012

Hi Ira,

Understood that it is not convenient to have an IPP conference call today.
It is too late in the day to call a Cloud meeting; we will have one next
week as scheduled.
It is good to hear that you and Glen are continuing to consider the Cloud
model; I think it would be beneficial to have these thoughts on the list.

Despite your putting progress into quotes (and it is your word, not mine), I
suggest that discussing the ideas and having them written down so that they
can be considered and perhaps rejected is progress. I further suggest that
perhaps "the cloud" is, like a black box, something with which Client and
Print Manager interface, where we can define the interface(s) and
functionally what happens in it, but really are not concerned with internal
structure. Once we define specific components with regards to interface and
function, they are no longer in the cloud (although they may be outside of
firewalls and may in turn interface with clouds). So, we may identify the
Cloud System Print Service and the Cloud Print Services  as representing
functional aspects somehow handled in the Cloud Print Provider (which is the
Cloud with which Client and Print Manager interface), but not as actual
"components" for which define interfaces. Or, if we regard things that we
are calling Cloud-based components as software which we are responsible for
defining (and perhaps we are), then these should not be in the cloud
although they may be connected to the Client and Print Manager endpoints
though clouds.

So perhaps I am agreeing with you, but with a different rationale. At any
rate, I think the discussions so far have helped us consider what we expect
to have  happening in the "Cloud", which in turn helps us to define the
Client and Print Manager interfaces.

Some thoughts, along with  those in earlier emails, to be considered next
Bill Wagner

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Hi Bill,

Mike and I have just been emailing about IPP call this morning.

Mike's just starting into 3 weeks of email and I'm starting (at 2am US EDT
tomorrow morning) 3 days of Trusted Computing Group meetings in Madrid,

You can have a Cloud call - I probably won't be able to attend (due to
Samsung tasks).

My only comment about the "progress" at the Cloud F2F is that there are far
too many first-class protocol endpoints in the Cloud that the Client (and
Print Manager) have to discover and talk to.

This is a nightmare for the IPP mapping in IPPSIX.  I've talked offline w/
Glen Petrie about this.  At a minimum, I would like both the Client and
Print Manager to never talk to the Cloud Print System Service (just make
requests to Cloud Print Provider), so that only 2 Cloud entities w/
*standards-based* interfaces are ever exposed to the non-Cloud endpoints.

- Ira

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On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 11:33 AM, William A Wagner <wamwagner at comcast.net>
> Is there  call today?  I have seen no email although June F2F slides 
> indicated a conference call at 3 EDT today.  I do not recall this 
> being rescheduled during the meeting ; I think I would have suggested 
> a Cloud meeting otherwise, to try to take advantage of the momentum we 
> had started to gain in the Cloud Model.
> Thanks,
> Bill Wagner
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