[Cloud] Revised Cloud Charter

[Cloud] Revised Cloud Charter

[Cloud] Revised Cloud Charter

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Oct 4 17:46:34 UTC 2012

In line with the reduced activities to be pursued by the Cloud WG as decided
at the October Virtual F2F, I have posted a revised charted on the PWG FTP




To make the scope of the WG clearer, I have modified the name to  the Cloud
Imaging Model WG. Names of Mapping document editors are removed and
statements of milestone depending on other working groups activities are


I still assume this charter changes is for  SC approval, although one could
maintain that, over the last few revisions,  the scope of the WG has been so
reduced from the original that PWG approval may be desirable.


I suggest that this draft is for discussion at the next WG Conference call,
Oct 15.


Is the SM WG going to actively start takeover of the existing mapping
document, or should Cloud continue monitoring it until the SM transition is



Bill Wagner


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