[Cloud] Feedback on proposed Cloud Print extensions

[Cloud] Feedback on proposed Cloud Print extensions

[Cloud] Feedback on proposed Cloud Print extensions

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Mon Dec 3 16:02:09 UTC 2012


I've posted this feedback in slide form at:


This feedback is based on my work on IPPSIX, the IPP binding spec for this stuff...



- Don’t like being able to get jobs for multiple Printers

	- Doesn’t match existing SM or IPP Printer objects - the Client
	  is always talking to a single service endpoint/target, not
	  multiple services/targets

	- Existing model does not preclude having a Cloud Print Manager
	  that fronts multiple output devices

		- 1 Cloud Print Manager with multiple output devices
		  sharing the same Cloud Print Service, or

		- N Cloud Print Managers (implementation might merge
		  these) each using their own Cloud Print Service

- But why have GetAvailableJobs at all?
	- Existing GetJobs operation provides all the info needed
	- Notifications tell you which printer needs to be polled


- Need basic transform functionality

	- Request that the document data be transformed to a
	  suitable format for printing, such as “I need PWG
	  Raster data in 8-bit grayscale at 300dpi”

	- This is used by Google Cloud Print and other

	- Also covers things such as copy generation, scaling,
	  number-up, etc.

- Cloud Print Service advertises capabilities

- Cloud Print Manager includes DocumentTicket in FetchDocument

	- Includes additional elements for output format
	  (DocumentFormat/Details, PWGRasterDocumentType,

	- Cloud Print Service will need to fetch data from
	  Document URI

		- Do we define when that happens?
		- What about caching?

User Role “Printer”

- When characterizing access control policies, we often use
  “adminstrator”, “operator”, “user”, and “system” as user

- For Cloud Print we need a new role for the printer/ Cloud
  Print Manager

	- Printers can fetch documents, users probably can’t
	  (although there is a use case for users viewing
	   documents they have submitted...)

	- Most of the other Cloud Print operations are probably

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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