[Cloud] Local Discovery

[Cloud] Local Discovery

[Cloud] Local Discovery

K.D. Lucas kdlucas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 18:53:14 UTC 2012

Google is implementing local discovery. There are many protocols that
implement local discovery (UPnP, Bonjour, SSDP, SLP, etc). Some of them are
more complex, some less. Usually they require device manufacturers
implementing HTTP server and XML parser.

We can also come up with a new very simple discovery protocol that will be
very easy to implement in any type of printer, and that will likely use
JSON (that we already use in cloud print communication).

Our goals is to reduce a pain associated with implementing local discovery
and drive it's adoption.

One of the existing protocols (which one?) or new simple Cloud Print
Have they implemented any existing protocols already and how easy it was
for them?

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