[Cloud] Cloud Imaging model requirement draft

[Cloud] Cloud Imaging model requirement draft

[Cloud] Cloud Imaging model requirement draft

larryupthegrove larryupthegrove at comcast.net
Thu Feb 7 19:38:28 UTC 2013


I posted a draft of the Cloud Imaging document to the white folder of the
FTP site.  Please review the document and determine if you think this is a
reasonable way forward, or suggest alternatives.


Cloud Imaging Requirements and Model

Overview section with definitions for each service:

Cloud Fax

Cloud Print

Cloud Scan


Single function devices only supports one service, multifunction is support
for two or more services.


I followed the latest Cloud Printing Model and Requirements as a guide.  My
thinking was to use the Cloud Imaging document as an overview, with all the
specific use cases, sequence drawings, and other specific service details
being contained in referenced documents.  This would hopefully allow each
specific service requirements document to be updated or changed without
impacting the imaging document.  The drawings and verbiage is in a draft
mode, I did a lot of cut/paste/replace.


I would as a next step create the framework for the Fax and Scan model
documents by using the Cloud Print Model Requirements as a master. 

I believe there could eventually be a Copy and a Device Administration set
of requirement documents as well.











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