[Cloud] "Support Levels" for the SM2.0/PWG:PJT

[Cloud] "Support Levels" for the SM2.0/PWG:PJT

[Cloud] "Support Levels" for the SM2.0/PWG:PJT

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Wed Feb 13 18:29:20 UTC 2013



I was asked to provide a set of (call them) support levels for the
SM2.0/PWG:PJT.   I have completed the top level objects and would like
feed back on my proposal levels.


All of my documentation is done as C-Code for now.   [For BJSON, JSON,
XML or whatever, as you will see later, my code contains a "def" struct
for each element/attribute/value which are used for converting internal
binary (struct) data.]



Wording for Support Levels:


The Print Job Ticket (PJT) consist of a rich set of printing objects,
attributes, elements and values that support the simplest level of
printing to most complex.  It supports printing from/in embedded,
mobile, home-office, business office and production environments.
However, requiring all Applications and Print Clients in the various
environments to support the complete set of PWG: PJT objects, elements,
attributes and values would be a burden.   While a Print Service only
needs to provide capability information that is supports; currently, a
Print Client must support all PWG:PJT objects, elements, attributes and
values that any Print Service could potentially provide as a capability;
this is just not practical in all situations and environments.   This
section provides a solution by defining several Support Levels that a
Print Client can advertise to Print Services.         


An individual Support Level consist of proper subset of the complete set
of PWG:PJT objects, elements, attributes and values.  Currently, there
are three Support Levels.   The first level represent "Simple" printing
needs, the second level supports nominal/typical office printing and,
the third level, represent the full PWG:PJT specification. 


Any Print Client or Print Service may elect to implement (advertise and
comply to) one of the SM2.0/PWG:PJT Support Levels.  When a Print Client
or Print Service declares implementation of a Support Level, the Print
Client or Print Service MUST be capable of supporting all objects,
elements, attributes and values for that Support Level.  If a Print
Client does not declare a specific Support Level implementation, the
Print Client SHALL have an assumed Support Level of the most
encompassing (all objects, elements, attributes and values) Support


A Print Client MAY advertise to a End-User an object, element, attribute
and/or value at a higher Support Level only if the Print Client directly
supports that object, element, attribute and/or value.  


For example, a Print Client at Support Level 1 MAY advertise "Front
Cover" support (a Support Level 2 element); but, the Print Client MUST
provide all internal implementation to support a Front Cover.   This is
analogous to Print Service with no Front Cover capability but with Print
Client support. 


A Print Service MUST NOT provide capability data or Print Job Ticket at
the Support Level above that of the Print Client.   The Print Client MAY

i)                   Reject the Print Job Ticket in it entirety, or

ii)                 Reject the Print Job Ticket for unsupported
MUST_HONOR elements, or

iii)               Ignore the unsupported object, element, attribute
and/or value.


Please review info at 



(did not mean to put the last one in cloud directory)





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