[Cloud] Call for action and Minutes of 18 Feb Cloud WG call

[Cloud] Call for action and Minutes of 18 Feb Cloud WG call

[Cloud] Call for action and Minutes of 18 Feb Cloud WG call

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Tue Feb 19 17:57:33 UTC 2013

The minutes of the 18 February Cloud WG conference call are posted at:



Note that there were some important and time critical items discussed,
particularly relating to PWG response to the two Cloud Imaging Service
specifications provided by Google.  Google has given the PWG the opportunity
to comment on and potentially contribute to these specifications in a way
that may allow us to both make optimum use of the established imaging
semantics  and to provide our customers with consistent imaging capabilities
appropriate to their needs. It is strongly suggested that we should take
full advantage of this opportunity.


The Google draft specifications are posted at:




Comments on these specifications, best presented to this mail  list, are
encouraged. In addition:

1.       The PWG Job Ticket and Printer Capabilities standard will be sent
to Google with a request that this be accepted as an alternate to the PPD
and MSPS (XPS) structures

2.       Recognizing that the PWG Job Ticket and Printer Capabilities
standard is extremely broad in scope, at our request Glen Petrie has
generated a table identifying the elements and element value sets
appropriate for three levels of Users. This is posted at
ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/cloud/white/pwg.pjt.level.config.for.PWG.h  (an MS
Word version may be available shortly).

a.       Since most of these elements/values are optional, it is understood
that these three subsets are suggested sets that should be understood by
Cloud Print Services in accepting capabilities information from printers and
providing that information to Clients, and should be accepted in Print Job
Tickets. Cloud Print Services may, of course,  recognize a larger, smaller,
or different subset. 

b.      The membership is requested to review this table and voice any
strong criticisms, objections or preferences promptly, because it is our
intent to pass this information on to Google promptly.


It is also requested that the Feb 18 minutes be reviewed  and comments sent
to this list because several questions arose, particularly with the issue of
Print-by-reference, that have a bearing the current work in progress.


Many thanks,


Bill Wagner, PWG Cloud WG vice-chair.

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