[Cloud] Status: JSON and Google protobuf binding of PWG PJT

[Cloud] Status: JSON and Google protobuf binding of PWG PJT

[Cloud] Status: JSON and Google protobuf binding of PWG PJT

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Tue Feb 19 23:16:15 UTC 2013


Just a quick status update, since I was out all last week but have had a productive day.

1. Yes, Pete does indeed have a partial JSON version of the PWG PJT schema and has sent me a copy to work with.  And as he noted in a separate posting the PWG PJT also includes a sample job ticket using a JSON encoding.

2. I have also looked up the Google protobuf specification, which is available here:


3. I think it will be trivial to generate a full (machine-generated) JSON and protobuf version of the PWG PJT schema.  Both the JSON schema and protobuf definitions can be mapped directly from the XML schema we have today, either using XSLT or a small generator program.

Based on Pete's comments, I agree it may be more beneficial to work backwards from their current document and tweak their current protobuf definitions to match the PWG SM names and values - this will map what they are going to support for GCP 2.0 and then we can later provide the full protobuf definition (#3) that they could pull from for later releases of GCP, preserving compatibility with the SM and IPP.  The one area we need to resolve is how to expose manual duplex capabilities - this has been discussed during several IPP meetings before without resolution, but it is mainly a matter of exposing the input and output stacking orders and providing some instruction for the client (or in this case, the GCP servers) to submit the pages in the correct orders and sequences.


Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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