[Cloud] Local Discovery Feedback response

[Cloud] Local Discovery Feedback response

[Cloud] Local Discovery Feedback response

larryupthegrove larryupthegrove at comcast.net
Wed Feb 27 18:42:01 UTC 2013

Some additional feedback from an implementation/user point of view.


There are many use cases where the device is attached to more than one cloud
service.  An example would be connecting to my account for personal
printing, and also to another service for use as a group printer.  So please
consider the /register,  /info, and cloud id(s) if the user wishes to
connect to multiple cloud services.


In the introduction "associate registered devices with their cloud
representation" this conflicts with our definition where associate refers to
the user to cloud printer service. 


In the printer API (user without internet connection) the sending of the
document to the device, which then sends the document to the cloud for queue
management or conversion would seem to pose security risks depending on the
document contents.


Larry Upthegrove



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