[Cloud] More PWG and GCP

[Cloud] More PWG and GCP

[Cloud] More PWG and GCP

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Tue Mar 19 21:33:36 UTC 2013



Creating 'levels' of the PWG:PJT was not the needed response to Google
at this time (but the 'levels' may still have a need in future); so, I
decided to follow up on Michael feedback to the Google team which
represented the needed initial feedback. 


Today, I 'refactored' GCP 2.0 into what I call GCP 2.PWG.   It attempts
to refactor GCP 2.0 elements and values to PWG while addressing
(hopefully all or most of) the concerns Michael identified.    To make a
simple mapping/comparison, I used Google's ProtoBuf notation (for those
who don't write code, sorry) which is how Google wrote GCP 2.0.   There
were, I discovered, some interesting mapping changes and some
simplifications.  Since I am new using ProtoBufs, there may be one or
two minor errors. 


I hope that members of the Google team review and consider some of the
refactored GCP 2.0.


There is no inline or other documentation or notes but should be


A possible next step is to use the 'PWG:PJT Level 1' to add other
elements and values that may be important at this time.  In addition
provide definition of terms using PWG specifications and standards. 


[note: enum's in the GCP 2.PWG map directly to enum's I have made in my
c-code; so I believe the refactoring is doable at this time.]






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