[Cloud] Question on "all" print jobs

[Cloud] Question on "all" print jobs

[Cloud] Question on "all" print jobs

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Wed Apr 17 16:28:01 UTC 2013

1.       We have  taken the position that the Cloud Print Manager  does not
necessarily  'manage' all jobs for  a printer, that is to say, that all jobs
to the printer must go though the Cloud Print Manager; that would be a very
restrictive constraint.

2.        As Ira indicated, IPP has allowed either approach (i.e., reporting
all jobs or just IPP Jobs), a less than ideal circumstance that may cause
some confusion but probably reflects some realistic compromise.

3.       The corollary  here might be:

a.       Reporting all jobs in the printer from any source; but might there
not be security considerations?

b.      Reporting all jobs going through the Cloud Print Manager; but there
may be jobs from multiple Cloud Print Services, so you  have both
potentially incomplete information for how busy a printer is and potential
security concerns.

c.       Reporting  all jobs that were supplied by that Cloud Print Server.

4.       I suggest that even knowing "all" print jobs associated with the
printer is a very poor measure of  "how busy a printer is" because:

a.       Any given job may be completed quickly or take significant time,
depending on various  factors.

b.      Jobs may have different priorities

c.       Some other Print Server(s) supplying jobs to the printer may have
multiple jobs queued up


'Bill Wagner


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Hi Glen,

I prefer the second all alternative (report all print jobs).

IPP allows both approaches.  The PWG Job Monitoring MIB (RFC 2707)

of course reports all jobs (from all job submission protocols).  Some IPP

implementations that I've seen also report all print jobs.

Mike - opinion here?


- Ira

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On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Petrie, Glen <glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com>



On Monday's meeting, Paul brought up a question of the other job-submission
connections (i.e. direct network connection) to a Printer (to the Print
Manager) other than the Cloud connectivity we are discussing in this group.
This brings up the question of whether other job-submission should be
reported or not.  That is, is it important or is it needed to be known "how
busy a printer is".  Without knowing "all" the print jobs associated with
the printer true loading cannot be determined.   This assumes the Print
Manager manages all job for a printer no matter the submission source. 



*	If no requirement - "A Print Manager "MUST NOT" (or at least "SHOULD
NOT") report to the Cloud Print Service jobs originating from other
job-submission services (i.e. a network print service)."




*	If there is a requirement - "A Print Manager "MUST" (or at least
"SHOULD") report to the Cloud Print Service the total number (and size?) of
"all" print jobs no matter the originating job-submission services."




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