[Cloud] Cloud Imaging Requirements and Model

[Cloud] Cloud Imaging Requirements and Model

[Cloud] Cloud Imaging Requirements and Model

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Fri Apr 26 19:19:11 UTC 2013

I have posted a modified and embellished from of Larry's Cloud Imaging
Requirements and Model document  at:





This update to Sections 1-3  reflects the decisions at the last Cloud
Conference call to:

1.       Concentrate on a Cloud Imaging model rather that just Cloud

2.       Allow fanout from a Cloud Imaging Manager to multiple Cloud Imaging

3.       Do changes identified in the last review of the Cloud Printing
Model document.


However, it reflects an approach somewhat different from Larry's and
possibly from Michael's in that it uses a Cloud Imaging Server actor that
can perform one or more Imaging Services, rather than separate Scan, Print
and Fax Services. Also, at this point, none of the Semantic Model services
are discarded.


Although I recognize that, in a binding, it may be desirable to "bucket"
services, it did not seem necessary in the general model, at least not at
this point.  I request that the group consider this draft and that we
discuss the approach at Monday's Cloud Conference Call (3-5 or so,  EDT)

Many Thanks,


Bill Wagner

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