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William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Nov 7 18:41:44 UTC 2013

The Google Cloud Print Partner Announce Group has recently emailed updated
versions of Cloud Device Description, Privet(Cloud Device Local
Discovery/API protocol), and Cloud Device and Job States

(Semantic State support for Google Cloud Print) documents. I suggest (and
expect) that those interested in Cloud Printing  subscribe to the Google
Groups "Google Cloud Print Partner Announce" group . I would observe that
these documents deal with the same discovery, device characteristics,  job
ticket,  and device and job states that the Cloud Imaging Model  WG is
concerned with.  They also deal with both Print and Scan services.  


Of perhaps immediate interest are the Cloud Device Description  elements
identified  in the appendix and the fact that Google is providing  web tools
that can automatically translate PPD and XPS (MSPS) files into CDD, and can
translate CJT back into native ticket formats (JSON for PPD and a
psf:PrintTicket document for XPS). These tools are located at
https://www.google.com/cloudprint/tools/cdd/cdd.html. The Cloud WG original
mapping effort originally was intended to map from PPD and MSPS to PWG
Semantic Model  elements.  Perhaps we should consider  taking on a mapping
between Google CDD and PWG semantic model elements, although I don't know if
we have the resources to provide cross mapping tools.


As decided at the October face-to-face  meeting, we do not have a Cloud
conference call next Monday because of Veterans' Day. Our next call is 18
November. I will have an updated draft of the Model document then, but we
may also want to discuss the Google Cloud documents.


I will seek an opinion on whether we can post the Google documents on the
PWG ftp site.


Bill Wagner

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