IPP> RE: service template registry on-line!n [old printer template]

IPP> RE: service template registry on-line!n [old printer template]

IPP> RE: service template registry on-line!n [old printer template]

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Thu May 11 12:58:42 EDT 2000

Hi Erik,


I just checked this registry and found the old 'printer'
template (v1.0) which had serious attribute naming problems
when converted to an LDAP schema.  The IETF IPP WG considers
the SLP 'printer' v1.0 template obsolete and prefers the use
of the 'printer' v2.0 template which is currently located at:


in the file:

draft-ietf-svrloc-printer-scheme-06.txt (8 March 2000)

I'm happy to follow the right procedure to get this revised
'printer' template registered - should I look at RFC 2609 and
submit it to you (the designated reviewer)?

- Ira McDonald, IPP WG member
  (co-author of SLP 'printer' template)
  (co-author of LDAP 'printer' schema)

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From: Erik Guttman [mailto:Erik.Guttman at germany.sun.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 2:43 AM
To: srvloc at srvloc.org
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Subject: service template registry on-line!

We finally have the service template registry on line.   See


Please review the templates to make sure that the one(s) you
submitted are correct.  If there are any other templates which
should be there or which you would like to submit, the procedures
are described in RFC 2609.  In brief, you should:

  - Write an internet draft which contains at least a template,
    security considerations section and the name of the submitter.

  - Send a request to svrloc-list at iana.org to have the i-d reviewed
    and sumbitted to the registry.  NOTE:  This alias is not yet 
    set up!  For the time being, please send the request to me
    directly at erik.guttman at sun.com.  I will inform the list when
    the alias is set up.  

  - If the template concerns a service which is widely deployed or
    for which there is an interested community, the internet draft
    should be reviewed.  I (the designated expert) will seek to see
    that templates get apropriate peer review.  This is an informal
    process (ie. no last calls will be issued).

  - If the template is in the proper format and there are issues
    raised about, the template will be added to the registry.

  - Remember that revised templates are submitted with new version 

  - Please feel free to submit translations (ie. to Spanish) of any
    existing templates.  I will add these translations to the registry.


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