IPP> Offer 04.08.2000

IPP> Offer 04.08.2000

IPP> Offer 04.08.2000

andre.goldenstein at aral.net andre.goldenstein at aral.net
Mon Aug 7 13:26:11 EDT 2000

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Dear Sirs,

I would like to offer you the following on FOB Germany Basis:

Motorola 2700 Carphone                  500 pieces   DEM  469 

Nokia 3210 locked                       500 pieces   DEM  239
Nokia 6150 incl. PHF                    500 pieces   DEM  405
Siemens C35 incl PHF                    500 pieces   DEM  344
Alcatel OTE club                        100 pieces   DEM  103
Ericsson A1018, original                500 pieces   DEM  126

Siemens DECT-phones:
Gigaset 3010 classic blue               400 pieces   DEM  151
Gigaset 100 royalblue                   400 pieces   DEM  111 

All prices are FOB Düsseldorf/Germany
Best regards

Andre Goldenstein
Aral Mobilfunk Partner KMT GmbH
Tel +49 2102 8747252
Fax +49 2102 8747269
mobile +49 171 8255502

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