IPP> I made a profit of $8500 from 2 strangers! They are happy they did, too!

IPP> I made a profit of $8500 from 2 strangers! They are happy they did, too!

IPP> I made a profit of $8500 from 2 strangers! They are happy they did, too!

pete at morefasternet.com pete at morefasternet.com
Sun Oct 1 05:40:24 EDT 2000

 Let's get right to the point.
 I am looking for positive motivated people that
 want and need to make a minimum of 10k per month.
 Do you have a burning desire to change the quality
 of your existing life?
 Would you like to live the life that others only dream about?

 If you think this is to good to be true or are skeptical
 then this may not be for you... Many have been conditioned
 to believe it must be illegal, immoral or unethical to ever
 earn any real profits from our efforts.
 The fact is we have many people in our enterprise that earn
 over 50k per month from the privacy of their own home and
 are retiring in 2-3 years obviously wealthy and having total
 freedom both personal and financial.
 How would you like to:
 1. Drastically reduce personal, business and capital gains taxes?
 2. Protect all assets from any form of seizure, liens, or judgments?
 3. Create a six figure income every 4 months?
 How about:
 1. Restoring and preserving complete personal and financial privacy?
 2. Create and amass personal wealth, multiply it and protect it?
 3. Realize a 3 to 6 times greater returns on your money?
 4. Legally make yourself and your assets completely judgment-proof,
 seizure-proof, lien-proof, divorce-proof, attorney-proof, IRS-proof,
 and become completely insulated?
 Are you a BIG thinker, BIG dreamer and a person that believes they
 deserve to have the best in life?
 Are you capable of recognizing that once in a lifetime opportunity
 when it's looking right at you?
 Countless others have missed their shot at the title only to look back
 years later and wished they should've because they could've.
 If you are serious about changing your life...
 Call toll free: 



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