IPP> NOT> "notify-status-code" is undefined

IPP> NOT> "notify-status-code" is undefined

IPP> NOT> "notify-status-code" is undefined

Hugo Parra HPARRA at novell.com
Tue Oct 17 08:14:57 EDT 2000

Their value range would suggest that "notify-status-code"s are in the same space as the other regular IPP "status-codes".  For that reason I'd suggest that they be encoded the same way as "status-codes" i.e., with two bytes.  I'm currently using ENUM to encode them.  What do others think?


>>> "Carl Kugler/Boulder/IBM" <kugler at us.ibm.com> 10/10/00 03:56PM >>>
ipp-not-spec-000830 fails to specify the attribute syntax for
"notify-status-code" (returned in the Subscription Attributes Groups of

It's not really obvious how to encode it, either.  The operation attribute
group's "status-code" is a SIGNED-SHORT in a special location.  There is no
attribute tag for a SIGNED-SHORT.  "Integer" and "enum" are SIGNED-INTEGER.

I'm guessing it should be (integer(0x00000001:0x00000415))?


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