IPP> Venture Capital!

IPP> Venture Capital!

IPP> Venture Capital!

invest at angelstreet.com invest at angelstreet.com
Tue Dec 5 06:06:59 EST 2000

Dear Fellow Professional-

Angelstreet would like to invite you to become part of our growing private equity network.  Our story can be more completely understood at http://www.angelstreet.com. 

Benefits include the opportunity 
·	to invest side-by-side with Venture Capitalists and Institutional Investors (who make the first 20%-25% investment in every Angelstreet deal)
·	to see a broad range of private investment opportunities including early and later stage companies, high and lower tech businesses, and more traditional investments such as buyouts, recaps and growth funding
·	to see deals fairly and timely as all members, wherever they are located, have the same access to each deal as its is presented

Angelstreet's CEO, Louis Lichtenfeld, has more than 22 years experience having completed more than 170 transactions as an investment banker and 19 deals as a private investor in areas ranging from computer technology, biotech and management buyouts of manufacturers, distributors and finance companies.

As you add these private opportunities to the services you provide your clients, you can become Angelstreet Gatekeeper and earn equity in angelstreet as we build this business together.

Please write or email me with an indication of your interest.  We have a great story to tell .


Jason Meyers
invest at angelstreet.com

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